About Us

Muhammad Bayazid

Bayazid is a Director/Producer based in the United States. Bayazid is an award-winning Syrian film-maker, studied film-making at the Los Angeles Film School, London Film School, he has also studied screenwriting at the BBC, NYFA and the Screenwriters University. Bayazid has directed many TV commercials, public service announcements, TV programs, documentaries. He’s also known for giving film-making courses around the world.

Samah Safi Bayazid

Samah Safi Bayazid, a Jordanian award winning filmmaker who lives in Washington DC-USA. She studied filmmaking and screenwriting at New York Film Academy in New York City.
Samah started working professionally in the filmmaking field since she was 22 years old, to be one of the pioneers professional Arab filmmakers in the industry.
Samah has merged her passion in faith with filmmaking to produce unique humanitarian entertainment for audiences in the West and East, such as Short films, PSAs, TV Campaigns, TV programs, Documentaries, Drama series and Music videos.