Film Academy

Light Art Film Academy (LAFA) is an innovative American film institute, founded in 2007 by Syrian filmmaker Muhammad Bayazid. After seeing a shortage of film schools within the Middle East, Bayazid sought to make a change. Motivated by the need for film schools, LAFA came to serve as that change, and thus Light Art Film Academy was born.
Muhammad Bayazid attended Los Angeles Film School, London Film School, as well as London Film Academy to study film making. He also studied screenwriting at the BBC in London.
Bayazid is well known for his directing of “Mujaddidun”, a reality TV show presented by a major Egyptian public figure Amr Khaled. He also is known for directing Maher Zain’s latest music video “Muhammad (PBUH)”. Recently Bayazid has directed a new American dramatic mini-series called “Inspiration”, featuring Omar Suleiman and Mohammed Zeyara. Today Muhammad Bayazid is widely recognized for his noteworthy work in directing countless TV commercials, public service announcements, documentaries, and short films.
Light Art Film Academy (LAFA) travels across the globe, offering intensive filmmaking courses in both English and Arabic. Uniquely, LAFA is staffed by professionals in the field, ensuring students get the most up-to-date exposure to the film industry. In the past 10 years alone LAFA has trained over 1200 students in more than 22 cities, including Chicago, London, Dubai, Cairo, and Istanbul. With affordably priced courses, LAFA gives every attendee an unforgettable educational experience. LAFA aims to provide a platform for individuals to learn, create, and truly apply filmmaking concepts to the real world.